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thumbnail of Focusweek – Voices Plastics
Saturday / Jun 11, 2016 /

A small but a big move: Throwing away plastics for good – FocusWeek (Voices)

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BANNING plastic bags is one small area of environmental protection which should be done as soon as possible. Banning is required because we’re dealing with severe, unsustainable use of material; one which won’t decrease anytime soon due to a growing population and a consumer-driven market.

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Wednesday / Jun 01, 2016 /

#ElectricDrivingPleasure – Driving the Future with Yasmin Rasyid

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BMW shares its vision of a sustainable future with remarkable individuals. Yasmin Rasyid founder of EcoKnights is devoted to catalysing communities with values that are aligned with sustainability.

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Tuesday / Feb 23, 2016 /

The Problem of Food. Our Solution: Aquaponics | Yasmin Rasyid | TEDxISKL

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Yasmin Rasyid, a marine biologist by profession, and environmentalist by passion, advocates for greener living. In her talk she challenges the audience to grow their own produce from office decor to outback fish tanks. Her ideas are elegant, convenient, and best of all edible. Yasmin is a marine biologist by profession, and environmentalist by passion….

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