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Date Archives: June2016

thumbnail of Focusweek – Voices Plastics
Saturday / Jun 11, 2016 /

A small but a big move: Throwing away plastics for good – FocusWeek (Voices)

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BANNING plastic bags is one small area of environmental protection which should be done as soon as possible. Banning is required because we’re dealing with severe, unsustainable use of material; one which won’t decrease anytime soon due to a growing population and a consumer-driven market.

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Wednesday / Jun 01, 2016 /

#ElectricDrivingPleasure – Driving the Future with Yasmin Rasyid

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BMW shares its vision of a sustainable future with remarkable individuals. Yasmin Rasyid founder of EcoKnights is devoted to catalysing communities with values that are aligned with sustainability.

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