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Thursday / Jul 04, 2019 /

Operation Save Mother Nature: How 3 Individuals Are Empowering Their Sectors

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Mother Nature is biting back with nasty forms of extreme weather, calamities and threats to our health and resources. This compelled authorities spanning 3 different industries, from education, activism and consultancy, to kick into action.

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Monday / Dec 25, 2017 /

A Woman’s Worth – GLOBE – November 2017

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“I don’t really look my age, so sometimes they feel they don’t have to take me seriously,” says Yasmin Rasyid, 42, a US-trained biologist who founded the non-profit EcoKnights 12 years ago.

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Wednesday / Jan 25, 2017 /

YASMIN RASYID – womens-health.com.my – December 2016

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I do what I do because I really want to give back by building a nation that’s resilient and more sustainably managed. That has always been the main motivating factor driving me to look for new avenues, explore fresh partnerships, seek better collaborations and inspire the younger generation to make that small but necessary change.

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Saturday / Jun 11, 2016 /

A small but a big move: Throwing away plastics for good – FocusWeek (Voices)

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BANNING plastic bags is one small area of environmental protection which should be done as soon as possible. Banning is required because we’re dealing with severe, unsustainable use of material; one which won’t decrease anytime soon due to a growing population and a consumer-driven market.

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