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Go Green Campaign: Maxis x EcoKnights – EPISODE 1 – Tips to be Green during a Lockdown

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As the world celebrates Earth Day at home this year, it is important for us to know that physical distancing does not mean we can’t still come together to do better for the environment.

To commemorate this year’s Earth Day, together with Employee Engagement, we would like to introduce some activities that will help us all Stay Green while we Stay Home, Stay Connected.

For starters, we have collaborated with Dr Yasmin Rasyid, Biologist and Founder of EcoKnights, to share sustainability tips that we can practice from the comfort of our own homes.

We hope you will gain something from this video, and if you have questions on implementing these tips at home, Dr Yasmin will be hosting a Teams webinar in May. So stay tuned for more information in the next video. Do watch this and share with the rest of Maxis on how you’ve been able to implement these tips at home!

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