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NEWS : Meet These 5 Malaysians Who Are Empowering Communities And Making Malaysia Stronger

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Dr Yasmin Rasyid, founder of EcoKnights, is a biologist by profession and an environmentalist by passion

She founded EcoKnights in 2005 with a vision – to make sustainable living accessible to everyone.

EcoKnights believes in the importance of creativity and innovation, sustainability, respect, and passion for a positive change on a daily basis.

The non-governmental environmental organisation does this by developing and implementing programmes and activities across five pillars – community development and education, public outreach, rehabilitation, restoration and conservation, sustainability communications, and finally, youth development and volunteerism.

EcoKnights are imperative in changing the community’s perception and attitude so that everyone can thrive in a more sustainable environment.

The mother of two always reminds her children that sustainability isn’t just about the environment, but it encompasses everything we consume and produce.

“My goal has always been to set the right example to people around me. This way, they can take what they have learned and elevate it in their own way to reach far greater results.”

Find out more about Dr Yasmin below: 

How you can help:
– Be an EcoKnight to make sustainable changes. Find out more here.
– EcoKnights does a lot of fundraising campaigns. Find out more here.
– Contact charities and NGOs in your area and ask them what they need and how you can help.
– Even small actions like recycling or reusing any unwanted items makes a difference too.

Link to full article : https://says.com/my/lifestyle/these-5-malaysians-making-malaysia-stronger