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PRESTIGE – Dr. Yasmin Rasyid

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Prior to leading EcoKnights as the non-governmental environmental organisation’s President, Dr. Yasmin Rasyid had had years of experience in championing environmental causes. She served as Scientific Officer (1998-2001) and Communications Officer (2001-2003) for WWF-Malaysia, and Head of Research and Development (2003-2005) for Profound Vaccine. She then founded EcoKnights in 2005, aiming to assist communities in the areas of sustainable development.  

“EcoKnights has been ramping up our youth and climate action programmes,” she reveals the organisation’s current ventures and where it is headed to next. “Future plans include scaling existing community development efforts, as we see ourselves easing from the COVID-19 situation.  In addition, we will also be expanding our volunteer programmes. Future plans include more strategic communications to promote climate awareness and action among key stakeholders, including government agencies.” 

Even while keeping busy with EcoKnights, she continues to be actively involved in other environmental change efforts. The same year she formed EcoKnights, she also co-founded Poptani Asia, which was awarded RM 500,000 by the Teraju Superb Grant to develop a digital urban farming solution. She additionally served as Chairperson (2012-2107) and Vice Chairman (2017-2019) for the Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO), led the Social Entrepreneurship Development Department for the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) in 2019 and has been Sustainability Director (Malaysia) for Lendlease since 2019.  

“I think Malaysia can be in a better position or place when it comes to sustainability. On the contrary, now is also a good time to really explore opportunities, especially for businesses who are embarking on their decarbonisation journey. Internal and external strategic communications, if done well and consistently with the right messaging, can really help push the dial and enhance employee and public awareness and action on sustainability,” she speaks of Malaysia’s current state of environmental sustainability. 

As a woman who has led the change in driving awareness about sustainability and creating a more sustainable nation, budding environmentalists have every reason to look up to her and aspire to contribute just as much, if not more. “Never create imaginary boundaries, go for the limit,” she tells women striving to do their best, encouraging them to explore every possible avenue.


Source: https://www.prestigeonline.com/my/women-of-power/dr-yasmin-rasyid/