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Yasmin Rasyid Reaches Out For Environmental Awareness

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Last update: 25/08/2016

By Siti Zubaidah Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 24 (Bernama) — Due to a burning passion for nature, a mother of two is determined to create a platform that would encourage people, especially the youth, to conserve nature.

Yasmin Rasyid’s love for the environment that was rooted from her university years as an undergraduate of marine biology and biology, had spurred her to form an environmental organisation, EcoKnights, which she has led since 2005.

As founder and president of EcoKnights, she said the non-governmental organisation had carried out nature-related education programmes, especially for youth and women.

She said among the programmes held included the International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival held in 2008, reaching out to an audience of 80,000 through screenings of nature-based films.

Another commendable programme organised by the EcoKnights is ‘Green Awards Malaysia’, a contest that is carried out at secondary schools nationwide, in collaboration with the education ministry to educate the youth and students on preserving the environment.

Ipoh-born Yasmin, 41, who is of mixed Chinese and Indian Muslim parentage, told Bernama when contacted recently that through the award, the organisation had succeeded in reaching out to 200,000 students since 2008.

“EcoKnights has also organised several roadshows, upon request, to educate the public on environmental awareness such as through recycling programmes,” said the founder of ‘Pop Tani’, aimed at introducing agriculture in cities through basic farming.

EcoKnights has also received awards for its contributions, such as the ‘Civil Society Partner Organisations’ from Khazanah Nasional Bhd and the ‘Hope Awards Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival’; while its founder, similarly recognised, has been awarded accolades of recognition such as the ‘Forever Duke Awards’, ‘Outstanding Career Achievement and Contribution to Society’ award, as well as a ‘NGO Leadership Awards’ from The Golden Globe Tigers 2016.

She has also been featured in The Malaysian Women’s Weekly, as ‘Yasmin is Fun, Fearless and Fabulous’.

Although having to juggle between the demands of family obligations and the organisation she spearheads, Yasmin remains steadfast with the support of her family, and is satisfied with what she has done.

In conjunction with Women’s Day tomorrow (Aug 25), she advises women to have an open mind and not just measure their success in a certain aspect.